Monday, 25 May 2009

Some more candid shots

Some lovely natural tights with reinforced toes - shoes off!

Getting dressed - nice seam showing on these reinforced body tights. 

I normally wouldn't include opaques or patterned tights, but the toes on these leopard print tights are quite nice. Not so sure about wearing them with footless tights though!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Candid sheer tights with reinforced toes

Reinforced body on shiny tights.

Look carefully, this lass has tan tights under her black footless tights.

Tights foot showing a little

Nylon feet showing - lovely natural tights on shapely legs. Yum :)

Mid-rift covered in sheer tights. Too sexy for words

Reinforced toe on natural sheer tights

More tights showing on tummys - blurry but adds a little to the shot I think.

Candid sheer tights on UK women - pantyhose to some

Candid shots of UK women in sheer tights

Tan tights and open-toes tights plus opaques.
More tan tights and open-toes tights plus opaques.

Lovely legs in sheer tan tights.

Tan tights with reinforced toe peeking through the shoes.

Slightly shiny natural tights with reinforced toe showing a little.

Candid tights on UK women, pantyhose for some of you

Just some nice tan and grey sheer tights on sexy legs.

Dancing shoes with sheer tights.

Reinforced body showing on sheer tan tights.

Lovely shadow toes on natural tan tights.

Reinforced body on honey tan tights. The lass on the right is also wearing tights but you may not be able to tell so easily in the photograph.

Candid tights on UK women, pantyhose to some of you

Reinforced toes showing

Reinforced body on lovely soft looking tights.

Toes showing with horrible smelly shoes in shot - I suppose some of you will like these!

Reinforced toes on sheer tights showing through the shoes.

Reinforced toes showing through shoes on the lass with the tan tights on  - opaques if you like that short of thing.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

More candid women in sheer tights and opaques

Lovely natural sheer tights...

More of those natural sheer tights, wrinkled ankles!

Sheer naturals, no shoes!
Those tights feet again...

More of those sheer naturals, gorgeous chunky legs!

The reinforced body is showing on these sheer tights

Nylon feet, and lots of sheer tights...

Those tights look much better on your legs love...

Sheer tights, reinforced toes. Lots of opaques...

Sheer natural tights and barely-black tights, and of course lots of opaques too.

Reinforced toes on natural tights.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sheer tights, reinforced body, reinforced toe, tans and naturals

Candid Tights, sheer nylon toes, wrinkled tights

Ok, so opaques aren't usually my thing, but this one caught my eye.

Fit for the bin I expect, but nice wrinkles.

Tights under jeans is about as sexy as it gets!

Lovely sheers with toes peeping out from the shoes. Lacy and opaques just finish this one off.
Nice collection of tights and toes.