Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Candid tights, mostly sheer, reinforced toes and body.

Nice reinforced toes peeking out from under her jeans.

Who could resist tan reinforced toes?

Lots of nice tights in this one, reinforced toes showing on the girl lying flat...

Just a cute little poser in tan tights and a sexy short dress.

You can just make out the reinforced body, I think, but the tights are sexy anyway.

Tights-fest. Lots of lovely nylon clad legs!

Nice tan tights with reinforced toes.

Just some nice tighs with slightly wrinked ankles.

Tan tights, shorts, trainers, sexy legs - how much hotter could she be?!

Again, tan tights, shorts, trainers, sexy legs!

Those tights look like the lovely sheer cheap ones that feel all soft and fuzzy!

The black and white of this pic just makes her legs look all the more sexy in those tan tights.

Slightly too opaque to be a favourite, but quite sexy anyway...

Nice toes peeping out of the heels - sheer and reinforced I think.

Wrinkling ankled on the lass in the bath with tan tights on...

Gorgeous legs in pale tan tights...

Sexy slightly shiny tights...

Shiny but quite sexy anyway.

Stunning black and white with smooth sheer tan tights with reinforced body showing under shorts!