Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hopefully no duplicates...

I found these in my Downloads directory from a while back. Sorry if any of these are web finds that I haven't given due credit for - if so, let me know and I'll add some text and link etc.

A nice little peek at a crotch seam, sheer tights are a bit shiny for my liking but nice enough!!

Reinforced body peeking out under her skirt.

Gorgeous sheer tights under footless tights.

Some nice natural sheers and some yucky black opaques! lol

More of those lovely sheer natural tights...

A little closer shot of sheer tights.

Can't resist tights under jeans - feet are loose, reinforced toes showing. She needs to pull her tights up a bit!

Gorgeous sheer natural matt tights.

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