Thursday, 18 March 2010

A few more genuine candid tights pics

There are more opaque tights in this post than usual, I usually don't bother with these, but they can sometimes be sexy!

Nice nylon clad feet in opaque tights...

I can never resist a bit of reinforced body of tights showing under a skirt...

What looks to be 10 denier ultra-sheer black tights. Sheer black tights aren't seen all that often these days, the very sheer ones are quite sexy.

Lovely velvety looking opaque or semi-opaque tights...

Nice natural tights, wrinkles at creases can be seen on closer inspection.

Look closely for sheer dark-tan tights under jeans. Delicious!

A few reinforced bodies on matt tan and shiny natural pantyhose.

Reinforced body on back opaques, nice view!

Okay, so crotch shots are a bit tacky, but we're all entitled to a little indulgence now and then...

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