Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sheer tights are sexy

Love the reinforced body of the pantyhose showing, some opaques too, but not really my thing (except in winter!)

Ignore the horrible glittery things that the blonde girl is wearing and look behind her in the background for some sheer tan tights with reinforced toes showing.

Sheer natural pantyhose with reinforced toes. Also, I'm not quite sure what the girl with the glasses is wearing under her jeans because her socks (or are they tights?) look quite sheer too.

Gorgeous chunky legs in tan tights with reinforced body just showing if you look close enough.

Not many people seem to wear sheer black tights these days, so it's nice to see - reinforced body peeking through under her short dress.

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  1. lovely. I wish i'll was there with you all

    Grtjs. mastermind0953 sweet kissssss xxxxxxx