Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Do you like wearing sheer tights or opaques?

Reinforced body on sheer tan pantyhose showing. Typically horrible shot with the flash reflecting in the mirror - a friend of mine took some otherwise lovely shots of herself wearing sheer beige tights, but all the shots had flash glare like this and it was difficult to see that she was actually wearing tights. I couldn't find a way to tactfully ask her to redo them without the flash without seeming ungrateful!

So, we know from the previous photo that she's wearing tights.

Lovely legs in sheer beige tights. Lovely matt effect is really sexy, and I quite like tights worn with heavy shoes.

Reinforced toes showing through on at least one of these girls' shoes.

Lovely reinforced toes showing - soft pantyhose on soft carpet always feels nice!

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