Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Some very sexy sheer tan tights shots...

Sheer tan tights, reinforced toes and reinforced body showing. Sexceeeeeeeeeee!

Tights got ripped on her right leg, the other intact showing sexy reiforced toe and seam.

More of those gorgeous tan tights on sexy legs.

Little upskirt at the crotch seam of her tights. Kind of sexy...

Reinforced body showing on her lovely tan tights.

Nobody needs mates like this! Still, tights pulled down to her knees makes a sexy shot so her mates did us a favour, if not her!! lol

Reinforced toes showing on her lovely sheer tan tights.

Great legs, tan tights. I like how smooth the girl on the left's legs look, tights are probably matt 15 denier.

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