Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A mixture of sheer tights, reinforced bodies

Lots of tights being worn here - sheer tights on the girl hanging upside down. The dangers of drinking!

Lots of tights on sexy legs - reinforced body on tights at the front of the group.

Sheer tights - nothing too special about this one, but very sheer natural tights so thought I'd add it.

Reinforced body on the tights of the girl on the right. Tights under knee-length socks. Some patterned tights for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Just some nice sheer grey or taupe tights.

Lovely natural sheer tights, reinforced toes showing if you view the full-size image.

Reinforced body showing on at least two of the girl's tights. Sheer tans and naturals, toes showing too.

Lots of legs - I never know why woment do these shots, I kind of like them anyway, but they seem so pointless. I guess most women have a little shoe fetish!

Sheer tights, reinforced toes and nice sheer natural tights on the girl on the right.

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