Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Collection of candid sheer pantyhose for you...

Sheer tan tights with reinforced body just about showing, I think. Shiny pantyhose for those who like them!

This pic shows why tights (pantyhose) make legs look so much better, the girl in the middle's legs look lovely and smooth, but her friends' legs are all blotchy. Enlarge the image to see what I mean!

Sheer natural pantyhose and some shiny pantyhose too.

Nice selection of tan and natural tights, reinforced toes showing.

Reinforced toes showing on tan tights. Thick opaques on the other girl.

Beige pantyhose sheer tights.

Sheer tights, crotch showing, knickers underneath so thankfully not too indecent!!

Sheer natural tights.

Sheer tights with garter.

Sheer tan tights with reinforced body.

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